The Founders

Jeff Brown, CTO

As Chief Technology Officer, Jeff Brown brings over 25 years of experience in computer programming and application development. In the real world, Jeff has worked with large defense contractors to create virtual world simulations and video technology used on many of the worlds elite defense machines. (We could tell you who he’s worked for, but it’s top secret and we’d have to kill you.)

Over the past 20 years, Jeff has been successfully involved in video game development. Odds are, if you’ve ever visited a video arcade, you’ve played on a machine that Jeff touched in one way or another – when he used his technical genius to cram a flight simulator in the arcade for the enjoyment of the common man, notching his first patent in the process.

Following his successful PC and stand-alone video game development career, Jeff began making his mark in the mobile application space. His most successful application to date is the mobile version of “Virtual Pool”, a perennial top 50 application on Apple’s iPhone App Store which he developed for Celeris, Inc.

At Fried Green Apps, Jeff is currently lead programmer and developer on a number of games and applications that Fried Green Apps will bring to market in 2009. Jeff is the heart and soul of Fried Green Apps. We love him. And you will too.

Bill Pike, CEO

CEO Bill Pike

CEO Bill Pike

As Chief Executive Officer, Bill brings a wealth of entrepreneurial spirit and know-how to the Fried Green Apps team. A lawyer by training, Bill started an air ambulance company in 2002. (Insert Air Ambulance Chasing Lawyer joke here.)

In 2006, Bill sold his air ambulance company to a larger air ambulance company where he took on the role of Vice President of Business Development. In early 2009, he and Jeff were working out (OK, drinking beers) and decided to put Bill’s entrepreneurial chops and Jeff’s computer genius to the test and thus created Fried Green Apps.